Valve - Parts and Internals

Valve Plates, Spring Plates, Damper plates are the vital parts of the Valve Assembly 

Keeping in mind their importance in the Valve Assembly in the compressor, sophisticated and latest techniques are used in the manufacturing process for all the internals. As known the performance of the Valves depends on the internals and the quality of internals.

We use the latest Techniques for manufacturing the internals. We manufacture Valve plates of Stainless Steel 420 or PEEK Plastic material. The material is selected according to its application. Our engineers go through the complete application of the compressor before deciding the material

Stainless Steel Plates: We use 420 Stainless for manufacturing Valve Plates, Spring Plates and Damper Plates. in some applications SS316, Inconell, 17-7ph or PEEK is used. 

Keeping in mind the importance of the part we use the best process for manufacturing of these plates involves Laser Cutting, Heat treatment, Grinding, Lapping, Deburring and Polishing.