Compressor Valves is a very important part in a compressor and precision and Latest Technology is required to manufacture them. The Air passages and the lift of a Valve plate is very important in a Valve. Each and every details have been taken care of while manufacturing a complete Valve. 

At SPARECO all the machining is done on the CNC machines for accuracies and the quality of finish for the smoothness.



Material selection is carefully done before starting the manufacturing of the Valves and its parts. The Material to be used in the Valve is first analyzed for its properties at a material testing Lab. This ensures that we are selecting the right material before starting the process.


We have in-house Heat treatment unit, so that a correct heat treatment is done on the Valve internals.



We do maximum work in-house so we have a complete check on the quality by our Quality inspection Team so that a correct sizes and quality is delivered to the end user. Latest New Test/Measuring equipments are used in the Quality control department.